Who writes his_tory? is a collaborative project to question structural discrimination on the internet and especially on Wikipedia, with the aim to hold recurrent writing workshops (Edit-a-thons) on the subject of Art and Feminsm to influence information sustainably, to question historiography and add a feminist perspective to it. Wikipedia is a prominent tool to generate and consolidate knowledge and online research is a basic instrument of artistic work and a daily practice. But the relevant contemporary question is how knowledge and information is spread and how it is funded? Edit-a-thons with the subject Art and Feminsm are held worldwide on all continents and took place for the first time in Basel 5th and 6th March 2016. Prior to the workshop, art historians and artists were invited to take part. It was a public event and everybody could participate. The framework initiative Art+Feminism is active since 2014. In Basel ist was initialised for the first time by Daniela Brugger and the Art and Project Space Kaskadenkondensator in 2016. Who writes his_tory? is an open source project in cooperation with Wikimedia & www.artandfeminism.org, artists and supporters www.whowriteshistory.me