Soap water, aluminium pool, supply of air

The temporary sculpture is created anew and filled with a different volume of liquid for each performance. Example of FFOAAM vol. 5. Sound, smell and movement are key components of the work, which has so far been shown at zqm in Berlin, Westwerk in Hamburg, Alpines Museum in Bern, Carosserie in Basel, ZHdK in Zurich and at Kunstverein Freiburg.

The pool is placed in the middle of the empty exhibition space and filled with liquid. The action begins by starting the machine, which blows air through a tube into the whirlpool mat. The foam rises and grows immediately and after a while foam is leaking out of the pool, touching the ground, growing slowly but continuously. The foam starts to change its form and moves apparently independently by the draught caused by moving visitors. In time the sculpture contains different sizes and consistencies of bubbles. After an hour the machine stops pumping air and the deconstructing process takes over until there’s only a puddle of water left.

More Fotos – Exhibition: ZQM Berlin
FFOAAM Vol. 1, ZQM Berlin, Fotocredits: Daniela Brugger

FFOAAM Vol. 3, Carosserie Basel, Fotocredits: Silas Heizmann

FFOAAM Vol.8, Kunstverein Freiburg, Freiburg
Fotocredits: Marc Dorazillo

Videodocumentation: 2.58
Camera: Miro Widmer / Sound: Daniel Steiner / Edit: Daniela Brugger