Video- & Soundinstallation
Setting: 3 Screens, 3 Overhead projectors, 2 Loudspeaker, 1 Subwoofer, 1 Mixing desk
Video: 3 Channel HD 16:9 – Loop 6min 26sec
Camera: Daniela Brugger & Patrick Meury/ Sounddesign: Lukas Huber/ Sound: Daniela Brugger & Samuel Weniger/ Edit: Daniela Brugger

The three-channel-sound-installation shows video material shot in a small butchers shop in Switzerland. The family owned shop has to close due to missing replacement and the video is taken in a moment of change of a traditional trade. More and more people eat meat, but less people want to do the work.
Shown are documentary videos from different tasks and spaces in this very butchers shop.The sound design is based on the documentary film sounds and is an important part of the work.

Installation view: MA Fine Arts presentation, IKU, 2015

Installation view: Kunsthalle Basel, Mx. World, 2015

For password please mail to danielabrugger@gmx.ch