Video, 13min. 34sec.

Agora for current and future visions

What‘s your vision? was a daily video-chat room accessible on a public open-source-based video channel during the lockdown in spring 2020. What‘s your vision? ensured a personal exchange of information in a publicly accessible space during the lockdown to collectively rethink current standards and to develop common visions. Excerpts of the audio material from the series are intercut with current footage from the virtual world of Second Life. Second Life peaked back in 2013 and presents itself today as an abandoned gaming landscape.

The video was purchased by SAMMLUNG NEUE MEDIEN BASELLAND dotmov.bl in 2020.

Exibition view «A_PART», Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt 2020,
Kunsthalle Basel, Picture: Moritz Schermbach, © Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt

Excerpt from the original Video