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Exhibition, Blumen im Haus ersparen den Psychiater
@ FABRIKculture, rue de Bâle 60, Hégenheim, France
July 26th – 28th 2024
Opening, July 26th


Artist in Residence
@ KinArtStudios, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Aug – Nov 2024
Congo Biennale 2025
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo



At a time when technologies in the western world are still seen as the solution to the current crises, I am interested in the underlying structures of technologies and in places where people organise and engage collectively. How can we share our knowledge, how can the fragility of technologies be used as a self-empowering tool?
I‘m someone who‘s fascinated by how our digital world is shaping our society and changing the way we interact with each other. I approach this from an artistic and intersectional feminist perspective and explore topics like peer-to-peer learning, open-source, and expanded knowledge spaces. In the process I‘m questioning the conditions of given spaces, and explore possibilities of movements within seemingly rigid structures.
My practise is based on listening and exchange, and involves artistic production, collaboration, curation, and art education. I showcase my work in various forms like performances, installations, videos, text, drawings, workshops, and audio works.
Daniela Brugger (she/her), May 2024


Residencies, Awards, Fellowships

2024 AiR, Atelier Mondial, KinArt Studios, Kinshasa, DRC
22/23 Elfriede Höhn Fellowship, Wissen bewegen, University of Mannheim
2022 AiR, V2 – Lab for the unstable media, Rotterdam
2021 AiR, La Dépendance, St-Imier, Switzerland
2019 Werkbeitrag (Art Award) of the City of Basel
2019 AiR, Sasso Residency, Vairano, Switzerland
2018 Basler Kulturförderpreis
2018 AiR, Atelier Mondial & Pro Helvetia, Johannesburg & Cape Town
2017 AiR, Berlin Alexanderplatz & Pro Helvetia, Berlin
2013 AiR, Zurich University of the Arts & Kunsthalle Tropical, Iceland



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Studio KōAN —

due to technical problems

Videoinstallation (2023)
Single Channel 10′

Picture 1 videostill, picture 2 by Wilf Speller

Shown at muddy fade (hum), sic! elephanthouse, curated by slot_, 2023

The AI generated video-snippets of due to technical problems are based on a personal text about the care of an ageing body – the artist‘s grandmother. A text which served verbatim as a promt. While looking for surprising moments of representation, due to the way artificial intelligence works, the results are always a reflection of existing imagery and stereotypes. The speed with which these technologies develop is contrasted with the slowness of the ageing body.
In the exhibition muddy fade (hum) the video was projected onto a screen greased with beeswax, out of the collaboratively developed exhibition with Lea Rüegg and the conversations around collective bodies.

I am the collective

Performance (2022)
Smartphones, Wifi, Videocall, Microphone Stands, Projection
Duration: 3 hours
Performer: Ruxuang Yang / Pictures by Lana Mesic
Performed at V2 – Lab for the unstable media, Rotterdam, 2022

I am the collective shows four microphone stands and a performer, each one with a smartphone. On each screen there is the mouth of the artist visible: The image transmitted via a live videocall. The physical performer interacts with the stands and screens and changes its positions as well as its heights.
The speed of the video transmissions varies slightly from screen to screen, caused to the speed of the data transmission and therefore a spacious and multi-layered sound develops. The performers reflect on being a collective as well as the materiality and structures of digital technology.
The durational performance was shown during a public event at V2 – Lab for the unstable media in Rotterdam as a presentation of the current state of research of the residency. The visitors would individually zoom in and out of the research map, which was projected onto the floor.

Deep Listening

Audio (2022)
25′ 31′

Voices: Dorothea Mildenberger, Marlon McNeill & AI voices / Recording & Mastering: Daniel Steiner / Co-Production: Lumpenstation

Listen here or on Spotify

deep listening is an invitation to relax and focusses
on notification sounds present in our everyday life. The
electronic devices communicate by saying hello, goodbye,
well done, generally commenting, and observing the user.
The piece is inspired by the process of machine learning
and deep listening. The term “deep listening” is known as a
description for a meditative and concentrated form of
listening whereas “deep learning” describes a multi layered
learning system and the large amount of data used
to create AI. For the recording two improvisation artists
were asked to individually mimic the complex notification
sounds with their voice.

Something invisible does not necessarily describe something absent

Videoinstallation/durational Performance (2022)
Loop, 15′
Smartphones, Videos, Microphone Stands

Picture by Franz Wamhof

Performed at Performing Traces, HEK Basel, Regionale 23, 2023

Something Invisible does not necessarily describe something absent
mimics a durational performance: the two smartphones on microphone stands show the artist‘s eye as well as the mouth, and appear like a technoid apparition. The performer reflects it‘s feminist influenced point of view and its understanding as a body consisting of many. The spoken word refers to the discourses around cyberfeminism, given structures, the material presence, and social influences of digitality as well as our merging with it. The audio recording origins from a former performance, where the spoken words were sent via a zoom call to several smartphones in the same room, and the different speeds of data transmission created a layered voice which in turn was combined with the original video footage.

Call me I’m there

Performance (2021)

Smartphones, Wifi, Zoom, Carrier Bags, Boomboxes


In collaboration with Lea Rüegg / Performed by Annette Beil, Werner Kost, Lea Rüegg, Nina Schweizer, Hannah Stamm, Moyra Studach, Res Thierstein / Pictures by Guillaume Musset


Performed at Die Raum, Performancefestival, Garten zur Sandgrube, Basel 2021

Call me I’m there locates itself in the interstices of public and private, online and offline. The text-based performance uses voice to enchant everyday scenes of a digitalised society and creates an intimate and at the same time open framework between audience and performers, questioning given dynamics: Who listens and who returns the gaze?


Call me I‘m there was shown during the performance festival Die Raum, initiated by the Department of Culture of Basel and curated by Kadiatou Diallo and Madeleine Amsler, dedicated to performances in public space.

What’s your vision?

Video (2020)

HD video, 16:9, 13′ 34′


Video Footage taken from Second Life / Sound based on online videocalls


Exhibited at A-Part, Werkbeitrag Basel-Stadt, Kunsthalle Basel, 2020 and With(Out) Fear, Voltage Basel, 2020

What‘s your vision? started during the first lockdown in 2020 with a daily accessible open-source-based video-chat room. It ensured a personal exchange of information in a publicly accessible space during the isolated time at home with the idea to collectively rethink current standards. Excerpts of the audio material from the series are intercut with current footage from the virtual world of Second Life. Second Life peaked back in 2013 and presents itself today as an abandoned gaming landscape.

Mutual Aid

Video Installation (2020)

HD video, 16:9, 13′34′ Loop


Camera and editing by Daniela Brugger / Sound by Lukas Huber / Picture 1 by CE at Kunsthaus Langenthal, Picture 2 by Moritz Schermbach © Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt


Exhibited at Cantonale, Kunsthaus Langenthal curated by Raffael Dörig, 2021/22 and A-Part, Werkbeitrag Basel-Stadt, Kunsthalle Basel curated by Katharina Brandl, 2020

The video shows recordings of a basic computer course in a self-organised senior citizen activity group, taught peer to peer: By senior citizens for senior citizens. The close-ups show interaction of various hands with a computer mouse, keyboard and touch screen. The sound is not cut directly onto the image but shifts to the respective sequence. The title is inspired by Peter Kropotkin’s book: Mutual Aid – A Factor of Evolution.

Who writes his_tory?

Collaborative Wikipeda project (ongoing since 2016)


For more information, visit:


Since 2016 Who writes his_tory? hosted around 60 worksops and discussions in art institutions, universities, art schools, film festivals and off spaces.

ZKM Karlsruhe

Wikipedia writing workshops and exchange formats focusing on the topic of art and feminism in collaboration with various groups and institutions. Who writes his_tory? is a collaborative project that questions the distinguishing structural characteristics of Wikipedia while addressing the challenges they pose. Who writes his_tory? sees itself as part of movements, works closely with other committed writers and groups and promotes gender-appropriate and situation-sensitive language use on the online encyclopaedia.


In 2019 Who writes his_tory? was initiator and co-founder of FemNetz, a feminist network within the German speaking Wikipedia. Since 2020 FemNetz organises a yearly conference and network meeting.


Performance workshop focusing on digital self-defence (2019/2020)


Created in collaboration with Kunstlehrstuhl BBB and with the support of the Chaos Computer Club Basel and Sophie Kellner / Pictures by Zlatko Micic


The workshops were held at Kunstlehrstuhl Baden, 2019, Kunstraum Baden, 2019, and Kunstraum Niederoesterreich in Vienna, 2020


Documentation at:


Follow up for the anniversary of Kunstlehrstuhl BBB, 2021: Data Detox – self-defence / Data Detox – self-care

TRAKKATAKK took place for the first time in May 2019 at Kunstlehrstuhl Baden and is inspired by the solidarity model of existing Cryptoparties. It is an adaptable exchange format on digitalisation and digital self-defence. The respective space appears to be a hybrid between performance setting, exhibition space, laboratory and bar, and the focus is firmly on exchanging thoughts about handling data online.

Oppressed by Privilege / Privileged by Oppression

Performance (2017 and 2018)

Performance, publication & vinyl


A collective project initiated by Daniela Brugger & Vera Bruggmann / with Franziska Baumgartner, Daniela Brugger, Vera Bruggmann, Nadja Bührer, Daniela Caderas, Laura Endtner, Linus Gemsch, Lysann König, Nora Locher, Marlon McNeill, Julia Minnig, Lea Rüegg, Arlène Sagada, Sarina Scheidegger, Alena Stählin, Sara&Natascha / Pictures by Zlatko Mićić


Performed at New Swiss Performance Now, Kunsthalle Basel, 2018 and Riot of the Privileged, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, 2017


Vinyl available at A Tree in a Field Records

Publication & Poster available at Stingray Editions

The two bands OPPRESSED BY PRIVILEGE and PRIVILEGED BY OPPRESSION each perform at the same time.


In the run-up to the band rehearsals, the public were asked to send in self-penned lyrics in response to the respective band names. These lyrics then served as the raw material which the two bands interpreted musically and performed live.


The original versions of all the submitted lyrics were compiled within a publication that was launched on the day of the performance at Ausstellungsraum Klingental during Art Basel 2017. In February 2018, the 12″ vinyl EP was released on A Tree in a Field Records to accompany the performance at Kunsthalle Basel during the performance exhibition New Swiss Performance Now. The performances were staged under the title Aufstand der Privilegierten (Riot of the Privileged).


Performance in changing volumes (since 2016)

Soap water, aluminium pool, supply of air


Pictures by Daniela Brugger, Marc Dorazillo, Silas Heizmann

Performed at at zqm in Berlin,2016 Westwerk in Hamburg, 2018, Alpines Museum in Bern, Carosserie in Basel, ZHdK in Zurich and at Kunstverein Freiburg.

The temporary sculpture is created anew and filled with a different volume of liquid for each performance. Example of FFOAAM vol. 5. Sound, smell and movement are key components of the work.


Video Installation (2015)

3-channel HD video, loop 6min. 26sec.


Camera: Daniela Brugger & Patrick Meury / Sound Design: Lukas Huber / Sound Recording: Samuel Weniger / Editing: Daniela Brugger


Shown at Mx. World. On the Million Genders of the Real, MA Fine Arts, Institut Kunst HGK FHNW, Kunsthalle Basel, 2015


Click here to watch the Video, Vimeo password: Fleisch

The three-channel-installation shows video and sound material shot in a small Swiss butcher’s shop that is on the verge of closing. The images are documentary videos of various work processes performed in the family-owned business. The sound is based on the original sound and creates a soundscape that enhances the imagery through repetition and displacement.

Die Unmöglichkeit mit sich selbst identisch zu sein

Live Sound Installation (2016)

2 Microphones, 2 Loudspeakers, 1 Mixing Desk


in collaboration with Deirdre O’Leary


Shown at FOAAM Vol 3/4 & Ritournelle, Carosserie Basel, curated by Deuxpiece, 2016



The microphones are aligned facing the street outside the exhibition space. In a parallel room apart from the microphones there are two speakers standing opposite with their respective membranes facing each other. What can be heard is the amplified live sound of the street and passers-by. In this setting the amplified sound and the visible movement on the street cannot be perceived simultaniously



Object & Performance (2013)

generator, light bulb, cable, plug, gasoline


Sound, smell and light are important parts of the work

Shown at Harbourspace, Husavic, Iceland.

Ein Versuch in den Himmel zu kommen